Company Description

Ás is a non-profit organization and one of the leading companies in services to people with disabilities in Iceland. The company is a mutual benefit organization and has, through the years, established various types of service. Long term residence, daycare for children and work-related offers for adults, helping people to find jobs at the labour marked and finding ways to make it easier to keep their own home is few of our many concerns. All the boardmembers of the company are parents or close – related to people with disabilities.

The organization has a strong relationship with many of independent supporters as well as other associations and companies who have helped the company to grow and blossom. As today ÁS can provide service to 270 persons with disability and the employees are approximately 350.
Today ÁS has around 700 members registered. It's fundig comes through contracts with the city of Reykjavik and other municipalities in the capital area.

Company Location