Company Description

3R Office is specialized in recycling used quality office furniture in a sustainable way since 2015. The business model is based on circular economic thinking, which means they treat everything as a resource. It branches out in the company as environmentally-friendly purchase and sale of used furniture, donation and social recruitment.

This is how 3R Office works
“We live by buying between 50 and 1000 work spaces. The furniture will be reused and sold far below the market’s new price. Our customers goes from private and small entrepreneurship companies to public institutions to several of Denmark’s largest companies.

When we buy thousands of furniture units, we often get furniture in excess. To avoid throwing them out, we have established the Donation Network. It is a part-economic platform where we offer free furniture for schools, associations and other charities.

The company’s business itself follows our attitude that everyone should have a chance in the labor market because a job creates well-being and well-being creates development. Therefore, we have a principle of reserving 40% of our jobs for social services – for people who in particular need help to work in the labor market. We provide them with a workplace that accommodates and adjusts to their challenges so that they develop their potential through the work”

In 2017 3R Kontor was sold to the furniture retailer HOLMRIS B8, which is one of Northern Europe’s largest furniture retailers.

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