Organisation Description

Social Entrepreneurship Association of Latvia (SEAL) is a member organization for organizations, enterprises and individuals who want to promote social entrepreneurship in Latvia.

At the moment SEAL unites more than 70 members – NGOs, foundations, social enterprises, activists and experts. SEAL network of contacts reaches well beyond our members, including mayor stakeholders, experts, foundations, businesses, media and more, including international organizations and experts. Three mayor fields of work are:

1. Advocacy work on a local, regional and national level. At the moment SEAL is part of a working group in the National Parliament which is working on a social entrepreneurship law draft. At the same time, we work closely with local municipalities and the Ministry of Welfare towards creating a support system for social enterprises (financial support, training, mentoring etc.) on a local and national level.

2. Creating a social entrepreneurship “eco-system” by providing a platform for cooperation and learning, as well as looking for ways how to respond to the needs of our members and social entrepreneurship industry in Latvia. Practically that means connecting social enterprises with those who can help them (experts, mentors, service providers etc), organizing events for sharing skills and knowledge, bringing in experts from abroad, working with media and information, as well as providing expertise and consultancy in particular areas (e.g. legal help, finances, grant writing, media and communications etc)

3. Raising awereness in a wider society by organizing public events, going to schools and universities, working with media and doing many other things in order to attract attention to all the amazing things our social enterprises do, and education the society about the value of their products and services.

Organisation Location