Organisation Description

mOWES – Mazovian Social Economy Support Centre (Mazowiecki Ośrodek Wsparcia Ekonomii Społecznej) is led by non-government organization: Cooperation Foundation Fund (Fundacja Fundusz Współpracy) since 2012. mOWES has the official Polish goverment acreditation and is affiliated in 66 regional social economy suport centres (OWES) network in Poland. It is the biggest OWES in Mazovia – the central region of Poland, currently. It takes care over three subregions here. Its mission is focused at social economy sector growth, by creating new job places for groups or individuals who has difficullties at labour market. Everyday activity of mOWES includes local animation, cooperation with self goverment authorities, work institutions, social or family support centres, business councelling, funds distributing and supporting new or already existing cooperatives or other social entrepreneurships and profesionalizing their activity.
Since 2012 mOWES has supported the creation over 200 job places and 20 local partnerships for social economy.

Cooperation Fund Foundation (Fundacja Fundusz Współpracy) is one of the first and biggest institutions established in Poland for coordination of foreign assistance programmes and supporting its integration with the EU.
For the last 28 years, its principal goal was to stimulate and support democratic transition and development of the Polish economy, by assisting government institutions that co-ordinate foreign aid and in particular, by accepting and distributing funds and material aid offered by the European Union, other international bodies and foreign governmental and private institutions.

Organisation Location