Organisation Description

European social entrepreneurship and innovative studies institute (ESI), founded in 2010, and is non-profit organization which focuses on non-financial business supports (consulting, training, mentoring, and advisory, strategy development, etc.), accelerates global, innovation based impact entrepreneurship. We focus on opportunities to demonstrate, how we make a positive impact on society and create benefits for the public through innovative teaching methods, cause marketing strategies creation, and development of sustainable and responsible business models. Since 2010, Institute has been providing the highest quality training, consulting and support services to individuals and organisations from private, public and non-governmental sectors. ESI mission is to contribute to bringing global change through learning and development and to accelerate entrepreneurship to end global poverty and protect the planet. We envision a world where all people are architects of their own futures. ESI goals are: 1. to foster social innovations, 2. to facilitate inclusive, shared growth; reduce emigration; 4. to strengthen sustainable business environment; 5. to contribute to the creation of new businesses; 6. to contribute to the creation of new jobs.

Since 2010 ESI Supported 6789 learners through a range of learning and development programs, delivered 97 programs in leadership, management, coaching, entreprise, learning and social impact, tailored to the needs of learners in 27 different countries across Europe and beyond; delivered 5 programmes in entrepreneurship with ECTS credits recognized by universities; worked in partnership with over 421 partner organizations across a range of sectors and disciplines in 37 countries; engaged with 1632 unique organisations across the third, private and public sectors; facilitated programs through a network of 378 practionaire and specialist associate mentors with a wide range of experience, skills and geographical reach; engaged with 168 volunteers and 178 interns; employed 138 people in partner organizations; incubated 97 startups through different incubation programs; developed strong partnerships with 84 schools in Lithuania and Europe; developed strong partnerships with 5 universities in Lithuania and 67 universities in the World; Developed cause marketing consulting department, which connects private businesses with non-profit organizations; created a network of entrepreneurs with 698 members from all over the world; was involved in 5 working groups with policy makers; was involved in 23 very active international consortiums; initiated 5 social initiatives which created jobs for disabled people and NEETS; organized 187 events and summer camps promoting entrepreneurship; was involved in 37 different social initiatives of different organizations in 27 countries; represented results in 17 international fairs and expos in United Kingdom, Germany, USA, Japan, France, Italy, Spain and Portugal; received European Commission award for quality and excellence; was certified by Travel Life which proves social, economic and environmental impacts of created products and is the certificate issued for sustainable businesses; signed the agreement among Entreprise Lithuania, Kaunas University of technology and European Social Entrepreneurship and innovative studies Institute for social innovations and business development and to develop social innovations program “ChangeMakers’ON” which consists of hackathons, BoostCamps, Incubation and other events for social entrepreneurs; engaged with national media and signed agreements for promoting social entrepreneurship in Lithuania; Signed an agreement with venture capitalists (Blue Lime Labs) to become a pipeline for their accelerator.
Also ESI is the board and active member of: Global social entrepreneurship network which was created for organisations supporting early stage social entrepreneurs; Youth Pro Active which is an organisation aiming at creating a generation of proactive individuals ready to invest their talents for the betterment of society by starting their business and creating jobs for themselves and others; European Institute for Local Development; Lithuanian association of employers of service business; Lithuanian Association of Distance and e-Learning (LieDM association) which is a volunteer organization which unites all Lithuanian science, study, and education institutions which implement distance teaching and learning; Kaunas Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Craft and Lithuanian Social Business Association.

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