Organisation Description

Copenhagen Dome is Denmark’s new Knowledge Center about social economy.
The centre is situated in the middle of a beautiful nature area in Taastrup, surrounded by large greenhouses, animal husbandry and social enterprises in a  350 m2 dome-shaped building.
in the dome Copenhagen Dome hosts activities for both private and public stakeholders.
A donation from the Hempel Foundation has made it possible to establish the Knowledge Center in 2017.
Copenhagen Dome works to share knowledge, host debate-creating events and conferences, and actively help more vulnerable people get jobs and opportunities for self-sufficiency.

The centre is part of the social enterprise Grennessminde, that has more than 35 years of experience in creating meaningful jobs for vulnerable people.

The work of the centre is based on selected UN World Goals to create a labor market for all and socio-economic growth., and Copenhagen Dome work in strong private and public partnerships to achieve the common goals.

Organisation Location