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about us

we are a group of volunteers from Europe, Asia, USA mostly into mental health upliftment

We wish to look into to set up a social enterprise that benefits persons with disabilities including blind in your country while benefiting such communities participating countries.

1 the program is to train disabled amateurs or trainees in the field of music including eastern, to provide entertainment online or physically at hospitals, care homes and community centers and community events , theater ,orphanages , theater locally and overseas on sponsorship.
2 to arrange the opportunity for the disabled artists to exhibit art works at exhibitions overseas on sponsorship

Sponsorship include
training, accomodations, ( if to travel overseas) Meals , inbound travel, emergency treatment,pocket allowance, theatre, stage on collaboration possible to join professional bands on talents and demand (except air ticket) on collaboration
to perform at commercial level

all the program will be funded by a holiday contest . and raffle and lottery program on collaboration

We look for
1, community space to train physically or on line
2 volunteer trainers with allowance to meet if needed
3 To meet those or any support organizations working in your area for the benefit of disabled persons including blind and deaf.
All our work will be free to any body as a charitable work and we are supported by volunteers

if you have any interest in , please reply to discuss ideas further by zoom.

kind regards
Ernest Gunetilleke
Volunteer programme coordinator
programme assistants-
Ms .Anne T- germany
Ronit B- Israel – disability dancing instructor.
Ms. Cleo Westerman . – trauma counselor , Netherland

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Dhanthasinghe @ Co,
Chartered Accountants,
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sri lanka.
whatsapp number +94712329449

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