Organisation Description

ADV Romania Foundation is a non-governmental organization, promoter of social economy law and a favorable legal framework for Romania’s social economy sector. Also, one of the Romanian Network of Work Integration Social Enterprises initiators.

ADV Romania is one of the most significant work integration social enterprises which has developed three social enterprises:
• UtilDeco – one of the largest WISE in Romania, offering B2B products in services.
• JobDirect – employment agency and workplace assistance for people with disabilities.
• is the only travel broker in Europe that operates as a social enterprise, with 100% of profits going into social projects.

For the results in the social economy sector, the organization has been awarded e 2016 Social Entrepreneur of the Year within the international competition EY Entrepreneur Of the Year. In 2021 it has been selected among the Social Innovation finalists at the Social the Social Economy Awards.

In 2019 ADV Romania developed the “The Accelerator of Social Enterprises” through which, with financing from the European Commission, were established 42 social enterprises in Romania and five in the Republic of Moldova (4,2 mil Euro third-party support).

In 2021, ADV Romania established the first social economy cluster from Romania and the Rep. of Moldova. The Accelerator of Social Enterprises cluster is registered on the European Cluster Collaboration Platform (more than 60 social enterprises are members of this cluster).

ADV Romania is one of the founders of AFIN – the first non-bank financial institution dedicated to the social economy sector.

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