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How social entrepreneurship helps to educate the world?

How do social entrepreneurs and the projects they create impact the world at [...]

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Recap on Baltic – UK Social Entrepreneurship Forum

On June 4th the first Baltic – UK Social Entrepreneurship Forum took place. In [...]

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The first European Social Enterprise Monitor report has been launched

Euclid Network (EN) in collaboration with organizations in eight European countries has published [...]

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50 Social Entrepreneurs Changing the World

Before we jump into a list of some of our favorite social entrepreneurs, [...]

The Ultimate Guide to Social Entrepreneurship

1. What is Social Entrepreneurship Social entrepreneurship uses business to offer new ideas [...]

What are Social Impact Companies and Why Do They Matter?

Have you ever wondered what the term "social impact " stands for and [...]

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Social Entrepreneurship Support in Latvia – Assessment in Short

The Ministry of Welfare of the Republic of Latvia has come with the [...]

Apply for The Yunus & Youth Global Fellowship (online)

The Yunus & Youth Global Fellowship (Y&Y Fellowship) is a virtual, six-month program [...]

Thanks to Estonia Digitalization Genius, Developing Nations May Be Ready for AI Adoption

Estonia (e-Estonia) is the world’s only fully digitalized nation, where almost 100% percent [...]

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How Lithuania Transformed Into a Social Entrepreneurship Hub

With just 3 million inhabitants, Lithuania is a little known Baltic State that [...]

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