The DICE Young Storymakers are a group of 14 young journalists, aged 18-25, who are passionate about bringing stories of positive change in their countries to global audiences. They provide invaluable reporting capacity and locally informed perspectives on the creative social enterprises and intermediaries that DICE is supporting and the complex, interconnected issues that DICE is exploring. They offer perspectives and insights that enrich and expand existing narratives about DICE and ensure that young people are active in composing the story of DICE, and not simply involved as as actors and beneficiaries of DICE. Moreover, through their reporting, the Young Storymakers shine a light on innovative, impactful, responses to shared challenges, raise the profile of creative social enterprise, notably among other young people, and gain valuable experience in ‘solutions journalism.’

The Young Storymakers were recruited by the British Council and its partner, the news site Pioneers Post, through an application open to journalists, videographers, writers, radio journalists and photojournalists from the six DICE countries, namely: Brazil, Egypt, Indonesia, Pakistan, South Africa and the UK. After careful review of more than 200 applications received, these 14 brilliant young influencers were selected and invited to London in May 2019 for face-to-face trainings and mentorship sessions delivered by veteran journalists, podcasters and a documentary filmmaker.

Following this training, the Young Storymakers have returned to their countries and are reporting on the DICE programme, DICE Collaborators as well as on innovative, collaborative responses to topics connected to DICE, including

  • women’s empowerment
  • the impact economy
  • youth employment
  • the climate emergency
  • barriers to employment and social inclusion for people with disabilities, who are LGBTQ, from indigenous communities, or otherwise marginalised by mainstream culture
  • innovative responses to challenges targeted by the Sustainable Development Goals
  • efforts to promote a more enabling environment for creative social enterprises.

They receive ongoing editorial support and mentoring from Pioneers Post editors.

Their articles, videos and podcasts are published on Global Perspectives on Social Enterprise, a collection of over 100 pieces of content that is co-curated by the British Council and Pioneers Post. These journalists are also being supported in pitching content to other media.

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