Social Ventures Australia (SVA) is a not-for-profit organization helping organisations, government, funders and corporates delivering better social outcomes for people.

“A guide to social impact measurement”
Sharing knowledge on impact measurement is one of the activities of Social Ventures Australia.
The organisation has written a large number of articles on how to measure social impact that can be useful for social entrepreneurs and others, who want to measure the impact of their project or enterprise.

The guide can be used buy people who has just started on measuring social impact or those that have worked with the issue and want to improve their existing evaluating system.
It consists of a range of how-to articles, covering cases where different evaluation methods has been used, and insights from Social Venture Australia´s own clients on using social impact measurement both challenges and positive results.

The guide consists of three sections with articles covering the theemes:

Here you are introduced to practical tools and advice that will help you develop your outcomes measurement, that can either be used in a programe or if you want to use an outcomes measurement approach across your organisation.
You will eg. find articles on pitfalls to avoid in outcomes measurement.

Measure & evaluate: 
Here you can find examples on how data collected can be used to start measuring and evaluating your impact, and how different tools can be made to work in different contexts. You can eg. find articles on Social Return on Investment tool

Act (or learn):
Here you can find lessons and case studies on how to grow and evolve outcomes measurement practice in your own organisation.
You will eg. find articles on the value of a peer operated service.

See the whole guide on Social Venture Australia’s webpage here


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