Startup Social, the first Icelandic accelerator solely focused on social innovation, organized by Höfði Reykjavík Peace Center and the Innovation Center, was launched on October 10.

7 teams were chosen from a total of 40 applications to further improve their ideas. The winning teams that are currently participating in the accelerator program are as follows:

  • Rehabilitation Centre for Young Individuals at Risk will revolve around an interdisciplinary and integrated treatment of mental disorder, drug abuse, and trauma.
  • Reykjavík er okkar, app for citizens to ‘adopt’ certain areas in Reykjavík and be personally responsible for their tidiness, in exchange for certain benefits
  • Social House located in central Reykjavík, which aims to further connect Icelandic society and individuals of different origin. People in vulnerable situations are particularly welcomed.
  • Samgönguspor aims to be a service for companies and organisations to help them implement a policy of transport, in order to improve eco-friendly mode of transport.
  • Healing Earth aims to use fungi to purify and restore contaminated areas and/or to prevent environmental accidents.
  • BFSUBL want to build a car-free area in Reykjavík, with affordable apartments and parking lots at the neighborhood’s periphery.
  • Centre for Nursing Service, which aims to operate nationally and provide knowledge about ageing to both staff in relevant sectors as well as the general public.

We look forward to seeing the presentations at the end of the 7 weeks on 22 November 2018.

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