If you have ever searched for an effective way of publishing your files for closed group of colleagues or friends, you may probably discover some filesharing tools, which meet your needs. But have you ever thought about regular use of some file storing and sharing systems in your work?

Basic filesharing tools are an online cloud-based file syncing and sharing services that support collaborative work by storing commonly used files and providing an access to them from any place and device. All you need for work with them is necessary internet and software support, as well as account in filesharing programme. The files can be used by several people at the time and keep team members updated. It really helps people working from distant places, saving their time on information gathering and memory space of their devices. Moreover, keeping files in computer or smart-phone is not that reliable, because they may be lost if something happens with device. Different online filesharing tools have different capacity of memory space and additional features that help to share, modify, discuss and improve work process of the team. There are free of charge tools, paid upgraded versions of free tools, as well as paid ones. Considering, for instance social entrepreneurs or young start-ups, free ones are worth to mention. They can be used both – for business and private purposes.


Dropbox is not only the storage to back up all files, but also a central hub for content every team member can use. Even unregistered persons can be invited to upload relevant files into Dropbox storage. Important documents and files can be accessed through different kinds of devices, supported by internet. This filesharing tool provides advanced security settings. While the free version is useful for individuals, the business plans provide more space and support more sharing. Check for more about Dropbox here.


Box, as one of the most recognized cloud content management and file sharing service provider, offers file storing, sharing and document collaboration options for teams, so the work can be effectively managed remotedly. Also, file editing can be done directly within the program without downloading and uploading it again. The software delivers different types of services – for Enterprise, Business and Personal and those can be used with any of the operating system on the computer, phone or tablet from anywhere. Check for more about Box here.


One of the most used collaboration tool is also previously described Google Drive system that stores and shares files and information within the teams around the globe.The advantage of Google Drive is not only the storage feature, but also its compatibility with most popular Microsoft softwares, that allows to co-create, edit and comment on stored Word, Excel, Power Point and other files online. Google Drive makes every team member updated about changes in documents, as folders and files can be reached from any device any time. Sharing options can be public or private, giving access to specific people by sending them an email invitation. Google Drive is only a small part of what Google softwares offer, so click here for more.

These are the free of charge tools specifically meant for storing and sharing files, which are regularily used by Social Entrepreneuship Support Network in the Baltic States members. Hovewer, there are much more useful tools to try, as multifunctional project management tools also offer file storage, editing and sharing features. Check our E-Collaboration-tools section to read more about functionality and advantages of project management tools, communication support tools and many more.