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SIX – network focusing on social innovation

SIX is  network focusing on social innovation. Our vision is that people all over the world can become better innovators by more easily connecting to their peers, sharing methods and exchanging solutions globally. SIX was [...]

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European Network of Cities and Regions for the Social Economy

REVES represents, defends and promotes the common values of its members vis-à-vis European and Internationals institutions. Jointly with its members, it pursues the objectives set out in the REVES charter, in order to : establish [...]

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EMES – international research network

EMES is a research network of established university research centres and individual researchers whose goal has been so far to gradually build up an international corpus of theoretical and empirical knowledge, pluralistic in disciplines and [...]

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RREUSE – social enterprises active in reuse

RREUSE represents social enterprises active in reuse, repair and recycling. We want the EU and national governments to move from promoting just recycling and waste management to putting secondhand first. We are asking the European [...]

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Euclid’s Social Enterprise Network

Euclid's Social Enterprise Network is  a network for organisations dedicated to promoting social enterprise in Europe.Euclid Network was founded in 2007 and has a strong track record of networking, peer learning and policy impact in the [...]

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