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Files.fm: Store, Share and Sell files

Almost everyone knows such filesharing platforms as Google Drive and Dropbox, but how many of you have heard of Files.fm? Files.fm is an IT company founded in Latvia, that builds easy to use, modern and [...]

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Messengers with Features for Business

Three effective messaging tools are presented this time for you to try and make communication within your teams faster, more interactive and effective. Less known than Slack or Trello, however not less effective and to [...]

Visual collaboration tools for creative teams

  Mural is a visual collaboration tool for teams working online on a distance. It supports the implementation of design thinking concept and provides shared digital whiteboards, where teams visually explore complex challenges and organize [...]

Organising Webinars: Tools and Use

Digital collaboration tools in general are characterised with huge variety of uses that helps enterprises, NGOs and public bodies, as well as teams to communicate effectively. Another part of success hides in ability to connect [...]

Digital filesharing tools for collaboration

If you have ever searched for an effective way of publishing your files for closed group of colleagues or friends, you may probably discover some filesharing tools, which meet your needs. But have you ever thought about regular [...]

Freedcamp, Trello and Google Drive for productivity and effective collaboration

Technological development of 21st century is based on the needs, including those of communication and interaction. People innovate to create helpful tools and these tools, in fact, support new processes of innovation. The innovation is [...]

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