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Per Bach has been chair of Social Entrepreneurs in Denmark since 2010. He caries a Master in Social Entrepreneurship (MSE) from The University of Roskilde. He has been working with both social, environmental and economic sustainabillity for 20 years, among others, as leader of the environmental campaign ”Global Action Plan” in Denmark and in the ”Danish Centre for Urban Ecology” and as initiator of the Timebank project in Aarhus. Per has contributed to international rapports, written more than 1700 smaler and larger newsfeatures within the area of soical entrepreneurship as well as given a number of presentation on the issue.

ILO and the OECD adopt international documents on the social economy

On Friday 9 June and Saturday 10 June, two international organizations, the International [...]

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Webinar: Social enterprise partnerships with corporates – succesful cases from the UK

Social Entrepreneurs in Denmark project Rummelig Genstart hosted a webinar Successful English Social [...]

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The world’s first social enterprise speakers agency

The English charity Expert Impact, which in recent years has matched more than [...]

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Social Entrepreneurship – new book on social entrepreneurship

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Systems innovation

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The EU’s Social Economy Action Plan has been published

The EU's new and long-awaited Social Economy Action Plan was announced at a [...]

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An introduction to corporate-readiness

Corporate-Ready: How Corporations and Social Enterprises do Business Together to Drive Impact is [...]

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