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About Angelica Sirotin

Angelica Sirotin is a globally recognized Gen Z Education and Digitalization Thought Leader, Venture Entrepreneur, Founder and Advisor. She is Co-founder of the Digital Pioneers Network, Co-founder and Executive Producer of the Digital Pioneers Dialogue Podcast, and is Associate Partner to, and Business Director, Ventures Analyst, and Official Gen Z Digitization and Reskilling/Upskilling Policy Advisor of Going Global Ventures. Angelica is also a member of the World Economic Forum's AI Youth Council – US National Chapter, where she provides actionable insights on Next-Gen Reskilling/Upskilling and AI augmented Education Reform optimized for the new sustainable Digital Economy 2.0 and Industry 5.0. She is also a Gen Z Education Technology Venture Mentor to UpNext Education Accelerator, the first ever exclusive Cross-Cultural Online Accelerator for Gen Z entrepreneurs, and is a Deputy Representative Member of the B20 Italy 2021 Digitalization Taskforce.

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