The intention through this special issue in social entrepreneurship education is to capture the best practices in pedagogy and research within this growing field of social entrepreneurship and also to push boundaries and question the taken-for-granted assumptions in this discipline. Therefore, two contributions chosen for this issue advocate the importance of a service learning approach to enhance students’ learning experience beyond the classroom. The other two contributions address the need to challenge assumptions of social entrepreneurship, thus improving students’ practical and theoretical knowledge of the field.


In the past 20 years, the academic field of social entrepreneurship has risen from obscurity into a respected discipline. We are encouraged by the growing nature of our field, and the increasing level of nuance in academic literature and empirical research on topics relevant to social entrepreneurship. The articles in this special issue add to the discourse in important ways, and our hope is that these contributions will impact both classroom learning and efforts across communities. We look forward with confidence to the progress that will be made in the understanding and application of social entrepreneurship in the years to come.

PUBLISHED: September 2021 / Entrepreneurship Education and Pedagogy

Jill Kickul / New York University
Paulami Mitra / IESEG School of Management
Rasheda L. Weaver / Iona College
Jacqueline Orr
Christoph Winkler / Iona College

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