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Monthly Archives: March 2021


Baltic Sea Region Trends in Social Innovation

The Baltic Sea Region is becoming a global trend-setter for social innovation. The [...]

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Mature Funding Ecosystem Lets Estonia Lead in Social Innovation

Estonia leads the world in social innovation with a mature funding ecosystem, people-centric [...]

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Why Youth Want To Become Involved in The Social Impact Economy

Today’s youth, embodied by Gen Z (born between 1996–2010) and the rising Gen [...]

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Gen Z Is The Social Innovation Generation We’ve All Been Waiting For

Social innovation has taken on a whole new meaning after the events of [...]

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Balkan perspectives on Social Entrepreneurship

Our colleagues from the Republic of North Macedonia have produced an interesting material [...]

Street team football produces good results

Combining football with aftercare for people who are experiencing drug-related problems is a [...]

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The way to improve social entrepreneurship in Norway

In practice: Social entrepreneurship ensures that new ideas and solutions regarding social problems [...]

SoImpact – tools for collaborative social innovation

Innovation work through collaborative social innovation assumes using different methods for collecting and [...]

SAMSON – a tool for collaborative social innovation

Scientists found that most of the Norwegian cases had a low level of [...]

How To Engage Youth To Become Social Entrepreneurs

The events of the previous year have amplified the needs for technologies and [...]

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