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A strategy for developing young people’s social entrepreneurship

A new strategy has been completed in Estonia in 2018 - a strategy [...]

A web-based training course for social business advisors

This training material is set as a self-study course. Learnes – business advisors [...]

A toolkit for social business advisors

This toolkit is for social business advisors or potential business advisors to improve [...]

Pecha Kucha for social entrepreneurs – a way to present your ideas

Pecha Kucha is a presentation technique or method where you show 20 slides [...]

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Crowdsourcing platform Hooandja for CSO-s and social enterprises in Estonia

The crowdfunding platform Hooandja started in 2012 and has grown to the biggest [...]

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MAKIS – a roadmap for CSO-s in Estonia

Consulting portal MAKIS, a roadmap for CSOs, helps to find quick answers to [...]

Support for young social entrepreneurs – The Changemakers Academy in Estonia

The Changemakers Academy is a social entrepreneurship competition in Estonia organized and supported [...]

Accelerating impact evaluation by Saila Tykkyläinen

This webinar gives you guidelines and tips for conducting an impact evaluation and [...]

Маркетинг, коммуникации и технологии

2.5. Маркетинг, коммуникации и технологии В этом разделе вы познакомитесь с основным пониманием [...]

Измерение социального воздействия

2.4. Измерение социального воздействия Так же, как и в традиционном бизнесе, в социальном [...]