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A new player in the digital collaboration tool field – Ryver

Let us introduce you to another highly effective digital collaboration tool that will make the every-day life of your team or organization much easier. Ryver is similar to Slack, however, there are some notable differences. [...]

Zoho Connect: More than a collaboration app an enterprise social network that fosters company-wide collaboration!

Zoho Connect as a team collaboration app, helps you to unify your team, resources, and the online tools you need. Your team can share ideas, hold real-time discussions, contact anyone in the network, create their [...]

The Role of Stakeholders in Development of Social Economy Organizations in Poland: An Integrative Approach

We recommend the article by Norbert Laurisz, Department of Public Administration, Faculty of Public Economy and Administration, University of Economics in Krakow, 27 Rakowicka St., 31-510 Krakow, Poland; norbert.laurisz@uek.krakow.pl The Role of Stakeholders in Development of Social [...]

Freedcamp – A free project management tool

Freedcamp is a great option for your collaborative project management. We use it, and here's why - and how.   Free to use Freedcamp basic features are free to use. Just register, and start creating [...]

Asana – project management tool with creative features

The project management process is complicated enough, therefore more and more businesses and teams are looking for PM tools that won’t be too complex or difficult to use. As we have already shown you in [...]


With Stormboard‘s digital workspace users can generate more ideas - prioritize, organize, and refine those ideas and in that way make meetings, brainstorms, and projects more productive and effective. The online platform tool allows users [...]