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Knowledge library linking social innovators and other stakeholders in society to solve the challenges

A toolkit for social business advisors

This toolkit is for social business advisors or potential business advisors to improve [...]

9 Social Enterprise Business Models

Change Creator™ has identified 9 working social enterprise business models that bring value [...]

Руководство по социальному предпринимательству

Образовательный модуль для социальных предпринимателей Добро пожаловать в Руководство по социальному предпринимательству - [...]

The European Social Innovation Toolkit

The European Social Innovation Toolkit aims to support social innovators all across Europe [...]

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Steps towards impact – Tools and examples

We all long for simple tools and examples how to understand the logic [...]

Book review: Reinventing organizations by Frederic Laloux

When running your social enterprise, have you ever wondered if there is a [...]

How to Start a Social Purpose Business

Take a look at our 10-step framework for starting up a Social Purpose [...]

Educational Module for Social Entrepreneurs

Social Enterprise Guide "Educational Module for Social Entrepreneurs" Social entrepreneurs are motivated by [...]

The Platform Design Toolkit 2.0

The new tool has been published to assist entrepreneurs and organizations to look [...]

Roman Aranin: wheelchair pilot

Roman Aranin is a social entrepreneur from Kaliningrad (Russia). In the past, a [...]