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Sugalvoti, kaip užsidirbti pinigų – jau nieko nestebina, tačiau sugalvoti, kaip spręsti socialinę [...]

What Social Enterprise Is and Is Not

What Social Enterprise Is Social enterprise is,  about using a market-driven business model [...]

The Social Business Initiative of the European Commission

Leaflet "The Social Business Initiative of the European Commission" The electronic version of [...]

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Nemokamos verslumo erdvės „Spiečius“

Bendro darbo  centrai „Spiečius“, kur pradedantieji verslininkai gali ne tik nemokamai gauti visiškai [...]

SOCIAL IMPACT ? What does it really mean?

Generally speaking, social impact is how organizations, businesses or individuals’ actions affect the [...]

Impact StartUp in the Nordic countries

Den Sociale Kapitalfond (DSK)  is a large danish social impact investment fund. DSK [...]

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10 creative ways to encounter the problem of customer’s limited ability to pay for services

Thinking that your customer's  and beneficiaries don't have possiblity to pay for your [...]

Freedcamp – A free project management tool

Freedcamp is a great option for your collaborative project management. We use it, [...]

Measuring the Good – Developing Impact Measurement in Finland.

(NOTE: The links from this article refer to pages that are currently only [...]

The change makers

Social entrepreneurs are also known as change makers. Why? What makes a social [...]

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